Valentini is a dynamic company, in constant evolution, with activities in more than 60 countries around the world. Syntax connectors have been used all over the world for more than 30 years to distribute power and signals in the industrial, automotive, broadcasting, naval, sporting and live entertainment, military and emergency management industries.

The evolution of products is an essential element to achieve uncompromising quality. The research and development team pays particular attention to the design and materials, since the goal is to achieve the best standards in terms of safety, reliability and ease of use for installers.

With Syntax we offer:

The new series of single-pole connectors compatible with Powerlock. PowerSyntax connectors are a bridge between two areas of Comelec specialization: that of connection and that of power electronics. They are in fact unipolar connectors (Powerlock compatible) dedicated to the distribution of high currents, up to 480A or 750A, depending on the version. While maintaining interconnectivity with previous versions, they have been improved to redefine the category standard in terms of safety, reliability, ease of use and robustness in the most difficult conditions.

The SGH series, the latest born in Valentini, well represents the quality of research and design of this company. It is in fact a circular, hybrid, modular connector with simplified wiring. The central insert can house power or digital signal contacts. The outer shell accommodates up to 16 pairs of contacts intended for multiple Ethernet, HDMI or USB3.

Website for Power SYNTAX connectors.

Website for SGH connectors.