Comelec, a guarantee in the electrical and electronic components sector in the civil and military field, has specialized in the Automotive sector too.

Comelec Automotive

From the previous experiences is in fact born Comelec S.r.l. Automotive, a department of the company dedicated to the implementation of special projects concerning mainly sensor systems, LED lighting and closing systems.

The products offered, through which we have conquered a place of excellence also in this area, are specifically: SLED Lighting systems with diffusers; Magnetic sensors, level sensors, capacitative sensors, pressure and temperature sensors; LED Lights and lighting; Blow-by heater; AdBlue level indicator; Closing systems.


Profitable synergies with leading companies in the Automotive sector have allowed Comelec S.r.l. to specialize in the supply of shift positioning magnetic sensors for Start & Stop systems, proposing three different versions: the linear version with connection bridle, the linear version with integrated connection and the rotary version.

In the name of the guarantee and the seriousness associated with our brand, also in the Automotive sector we provide our customers with many years of experience and professionalism, perfecting the products offered and providing a fast and complete service.